Video Consultations for patients with vertigo symptoms

Are you suffering from vertigo? Vestibular Rehabilitation now available through video consultation

Each year two out of every ten people experience vertigo. Patients describe symptoms of dizziness, a lightheaded sensation, poor balance or the room spinning. These symptoms are linked to conditions affecting your inner ear. Vestibular Rehabilitation is a proven effective treatment that promotes recovery from these symptoms.

For patients experiencing vertigo it is possible to take a patient history, complete an examination and provide a diagnosis and treatment over video consultation. This is rehabilitation at a distance using live audio video and is allowing patients access to treatment during these unprecedented times.

Each condition that causes symptoms of vertigo has its own distinct treatment which can be successfully implemented over video consultation. It may include advic, exercise therapy or your Physiotherapist demonstrating particular manoeuvres and then taking you through these manoeuvres step by step.

In the UK online vestibular rehabilitation programmes have been in use with great success for some time. It has been shown as a safe and effective treatment for adults and particularly the age group cocooning at present. This current pandemic has resulted in Physiotherapists using video consultation to treat a wide range of conditions. In the past month I have seen improvements in many patients experiencing the unpleasant symptoms of dizziness, reduced balance and loss of function. Many patients reported a sense of ease at being taught exercises in their own familiar home environment.

Vestibular rehabilitation allows patients to become less reliant on medications that suppress their symptoms and instead replaces them with a proven effective exercise programme that strengthens their vestibular system and alleviates symptoms. My current patients that are completing vestibular rehabilitation online are reporting fewer vestibular symptoms and less anxiety after just a few consultations.

All major insurance companies in Ireland are reimbursing physiotherapy video consultations at present. Please check with your provider with regards to your individual plan. So please do not continue to struggle with symptoms of vertigo at this time. Help is near at hand while remaining at a safe distance! Please contact Claire at West Limerick Physiotherapy Clinic to discuss your symptoms and arrange a video consultation.

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