Treatments – Whiplash


Management of Whiplash Associated Disorder

Here at West Limerick Physiotherapy clinic, we pride ourselves on treating our patients in an evidence-based and holistic manner.

To that end we have collated the most innovative and advanced research available to treat our clients with whiplash.

On initial assessment, the patient completes a number of validated questionnaires which allows the therapist to objectively gauge the biopsychosocial impact of the injury.

Specific areas will include the likely presence or absence of neuropathic pain, kinesiophobia, vestibular, sensory, motor and emotional disturbance.

In conjunction with an extensive subjective and objective examination, this allows the therapist to identify specific areas of difficulty and treat accordingly.

Furthermore, it allows an objective categorisation of the injury based on the Whiplash Associated Disorder classification developed by Sterling et al (Manual Therapy, 2004).

Based on the information gathered, a likely prognosis and time-line may be predicted which helps the patient to know what to expect over the course of treatment.

Education and exercise as well as hands-on therapies are all key components of the treatment, and this is outlined on the first day with an information leaflet dispensed to all of our whiplash clients.

Questionnaires are readministered periodically to objectively monitor progress in key areas.

The breath and clarity of assessment and treatment has proved highly successful in treating this difficult condition.

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