Treatments – Vertigo & Dizziness


Vestibular Rehabilitation: Vertigo, Dizziness & Balance

Vertigo, dizziness and imbalance are mostly caused by a disorder of the inner ear. This is where your vestibular system is situated.

The role of your vestibular system is to assist you to maintain your balance and orientation.

Symptoms associated with a poorly functioning vestibular system may include poor balance, a sensation of unsteadiness or movement, nausea, ringing sound in your ears, hearing loss, headache or a feeling of fullness in your ears.

Vestibular rehabilitation is an exercise based programme for reducing the symptoms associated with poor balance and dizziness/vertigo.

The main goal of vestibular rehabilitation is to improve the co-ordination of eye and head movements, balance and walking function.

Who needs vestibular rehabilitation?

A person who has acute or chronic problems associated with dizziness and loss of balance requires vestibular rehabilitation.

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