Treatments – Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction during pregnancy and post-partum

pubic symphysis dysfunction

Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction during pregnancy and post-partum

Pelvic pain that occurs at the front of the pelvis is called Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction. This pain normally occurs at the mid to later stages of pregnancy but can also happen post-partum. Symptoms can include pain on walking and pain when standing on one leg.

At West Limerick Physiotherapy Clinic we specialise in the management of Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction and other pelvic related pain both during and after pregnancy. We offer treatment options that include manual therapy techniques and the fitting of a special belt to support the pelvis. This support belt can ease the pain associated with Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction.

For any more information on Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction or other Women`s Health problems please contact Fiona at West Limerick Physiotherapy Clinic on 06977700 or by email

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