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Postural Problems

Postural Problems

Posture education is a very important aspect of physiotherapy treatment.
Correct posture assists in preventing conditions such as lower back pain. Correct posture encourages activation of muscles that play a role in stabilizing the spine.

It allows the even distribution of forces through the spine preventing excess pressure on any one area.

Posture education is important for all age groups. Children and young adults can benefit from education on correct sitting, standing and walking habits as their skeleton develops.

Adults working in physical or sedentary occupations or those involved in sport may be prone to lower back pain due to adopting poor posture. Maintaining appropriate postural positions can reduce or prevent these conditions from arising.

At West Limerick Physiotherapy clinic, our Chartered Physiotherapists can help to identify postural problems that you may have and teach you how to adopt correct posture.

We aim to prevent conditions associated with poor posture.

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