Treatments – Osteoporosis



Osteoporosis affects one in two women and one in five men and is the leading bone disease in the world.

It affects the integrity of the inside of the bone, leaving it porous, brittle and more susceptible to a break in the bone or fracture. It is a “silent” disease, meaning that you may be losing bone density and strength, without realising it.

If detected early it is a preventable and treatable disease in most cases.

Signs And Symptoms

  • Loss of height due to the bones in the spine collapsing.
  • Poor posture with associated mid back (thoracic spine), neck (cervicalspine) or lower back (lumbar spine) pain.
  • A rounded posture developing in the thoracic spine area with a resulting change in body shape.
  • Sustaining a broken bone (fractured bone) from a fall, most commonly occurring in the wrist, hip and spine.


If you are worried about osteoporosis you need to contact you GP or your local Chartered Physiotherapist. A DEXA Scan of the spine and hips can be arranged. This simple and painless scan will accurately diagnose your bone density.

Osteoporosis and your Chartered Physiotherapist

West Limerick Physiotherapy Clinic take a special interest in treating Osteoporosis and Osteopenia (the early signs of osteoporosis), and you do not need a referral letter from your GP to get started.

We understand that weight bearing exercise, postural advice and Pilates play a very important role in preventing and treating osteoporosis.

Each exercise program is individually designed to suit each patients needs, and this program will be carefully evaluated and progressed in conjunction with your GP.

Feel free to contact any of our experienced physiotherapists if you would like to discuss osteoporosis and bone health.

As always, when you choose a Chartered Physiotherapist you can have the peace of mind in knowing you are being treated by a physiotherapist who has a university degree qualification and is committed to the highest possible standards of ethical and clinical excellence.

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