Treatments – Musculo-skeletal pain during pregnancy

musculo skeletal pain

Musculo-skeletal pain during pregnancy

It is very common to develop back pain and pelvic pain during pregnancy. Pain can occur in the lower back and can radiate up between the shoulder blades and to the neck. Pelvic pain can happen at the back or radiate to the front of the pelvis as Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction.

Here at West Limerick Physiotherapy Clinic we specialise in the treatment of musculo-skeletal pain both during and after pregnancy. We use gentle manual therapy techniques as well as pilates exercise programmes to rehabilitate these problems.

For any more information on musculo-skeletal pain during pregnancy or any other Women`s Health issues please do not hesitate to contact Fiona at West Limerick Physiotherapy Clinic on 06977700 or email us

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