Treatments – Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a very common problem affecting all ages and can vary from an aching sensation in the lower back and buttocks to severe pain radiating into the legs.

You do not need a referral from your doctor to consult a Chartered Physiotherapist.

Some of the Common Causes and Types of Lower Back Pain

  • A trip, fall or sports injury resulting in trauma to the lower back.
  • Postural dysfunction causing a strain on the lower back.
  • A road traffic accident resulting in a whiplash type injury to the lower back.
  • Lower back pain from arthritic or degenerative changes to the spine.
  • Lower back pain resulting from any type of abdominal surgery or orthopaedic procedure.
  • Ante natal and post natal back pain.
  • Adolescent back pain from postural strain, sport or a growth spurt.

Lower back pain can occur as a result of a lifting injury or accident or can be of unknown onset with no apparent reason for the pain.

Here at West Limerick Physiotherapy Clinic our experienced Chartered Physiotherapists have post-graduate qualifications to help accurately diagnose and treat your lower back pain in conjunction with your GP.

We use manual therapy (“hands on treatment”), deep dry needling, Pilates, Deep Tissue Massage and exercises to help treat the signs and symptoms of your lower back pain with a large emphasis on back pain prevention.

So if would like to contact one of our Chartered Physiotherapists we would be happy to discuss the range of treatment options available to you.

As always when you choose a Chartered Physiotherapist you can have the peace of mind in knowing you are being treated by a physiotherapist who has a university degree qualification and is committed to the highest possible standards of ethical and clinical excellence.

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