Treatments – Biomechanical issues requiring gait or bike analysis

Biomechanical Issues

Biomechanical issues requiring gait or bike analysis

Biomechanical issues can predispose patients to injury and result in pain in the foot, knee, hip or lower back region.

Here at West Limerick Physiotherapy Clinic we understand the importance of recognising biomechanical issues and treating them appropriately to prevent the onset of injury and pain. We have a gym designated to gait and bike analysis along with therapists who have undertaken specialist training in this area. These facilities allow our therapists to identify when a patient is at risk of developing an injury due lack of adequate support for their joints or when a patient is adopting a poor postural position.

Our therapists can provide custom made orthotic devices for footwear that ensures that each patient has the support they require to reduce strain on joints, muscles and tendons. Our bike analysis ensures that patients are positioned optimally while cycling ensuring that they are not placing too much pressure on any one region.

For further information on biomechanical issues and the treatments available, please do not hesitate to contact us on (069) 77700 or email us

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